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Becks New trailer :sick: looks so good...
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ValkraWell seeing as I dont know what to play and we have no idea what the guild ever needs I am going to do the following:

1) Level Def/Witch/Song for Poxbane
2) Level Vit and Battlerage to the use as Paladin for Tanking or Caretaker Healing. That way that is 3 roles I can play with Poxbane being my PvP spec.

Many Thanks
Valkra   I issue I have now is that I am level 40 an my skills are (18 Vit, 39 Song and 34 Witch) I have no clue how I am going to get these skills to 50 when I am 50, especially Vit. I really dont understand how doing it through crafting is quick. I have 100 fabric so I will get some dust and make bracers over and over with some tonic but I cant see my 18 vit getting to 40 fast
Valkra   And the link you gave me is my link lol
Valkra   I assume you meant [link]
Becks Banned for spamming in chat and swearing WTF... What a joke I said three words, Trion are a joke..
Lyer   basically: We have XLgames work on the Problem while we chill....
Cragen   So you got your account back atleast?
Becks   Yes
Becks   created a new thread Devs Talk a Life of Consequence in EverQuest Next in the Everquest Next forum
Becks My account has been banned or suspend ... not happy at all stood in group by mail box a player using a teleport hack ported in i tried to kill it with others, i said F****** tiron sort out hacks in say five minutes later kicked and banned...
All these bots and teleport hacks in game and then they ban me ******* ******* ******* ******* not happy at all...
UncleSeáno   This is bullshit, pop this up on reddit and the forums. Maybe ask a guildie to try and get on live chat too to force your case forward
Adaro   You got banned for saying f**k Trion? oh that's interesting. I guess an apology will unban it if you can speak to someone.
Becks   Could have been for swearing, could have been for going AFK a lot then not logging out could be for looking at other players farm animals funny.
Yoraeryu/Gattsu   joined The Guardians of Peace
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Becks Guys do not do any Trading with someone called TheManager he has a 24x24 in two crowns and will scam you out of stuff. So beware. The property is under the name above but probably will change it a lot to scam more people...Trion will do nothing as its part of the game, they have said this.
If you ever do buy property use the the built in system only...

Also i would keep all crafting inside guild if you want something made get one of us to do it. To many are being scammed at the moment.

you have been warned :sick:
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Becks   Only out of a five labour pots. But he has done it before I found out afterwards.
Becks   I made a sealed weapon for someone last night. He told me he has been scammed twice out of all mats, very common thing to do as mats are so expensive to get to that point .
Lyer   it's like in real life, never trust people you don't know o.o
sucks that it happened to you tho :/ even if it's just pots
SeareenaGrats on the cutter all. Sure is awesome.
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ValkraJust out of interested, which of you are looking to play WoD and Raid?? if so is everyone on same servers??
Seareena   Valk.... I can haz your farm? :P
Cragen   Your request to leave AA is hereby denied ! :sick:
Grizzelder   Let the hopping commence valk :sick: lol
superkeggleshmph find time to play at the moment :sick: hope you all having fun in AA
AdaroThis is what it must be like to fish in AA : [link]
Archeage - Passion Of The Fish
The fissshhhhh -- Watch live at
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Firefoxxffs sever crashed
Firefoxx   it says sever restarting and will be up soon
UncleSeáno   It's 'validating', it'll be back up in a few
Firefoxx   up
Anno I see the 3 new servers are now either Queueing or High population now :sick: the Queues today are longer than they have been for a while.

Also got destroyed by a Cutter last night so need to resurrect my Clipper :(
Becks   probably bots forcing the queue numbers up game has more bots that players probably :sick:
Seareena   I am in the queue but when I get online I have a potion for your clipper.
Anno   aweome Seareena ty :sick:
AdaroIf you have NO plots of land at the moment, you can find a bit of space in Gweonid Forest region, at Seer Cottage. found a bit of space there but it's restricted to people with no land on the server.
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Seareena   Hey cool.... so they are opening space to people with no land? I am starting to think someone over there is fixing things :sick:
Becks   i looked couldn't find any? was there a link for this ?
Adaro   Sorry was afk in game. It might have been taken I guess.
LyerI'm getting the verify username error :/ along with the video loop yay
Arkroyal   Authentication servers are down at the moment Lyer. :(
Lyer   good to know, but I won't like your comment cause of it's content xD feel liked tho :sick:
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