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The Guardians of Peace  -  We are an EU based multi gaming community. Currently playing TOR, WoW & FFXIV
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Anno whens open beta again for AA?
Realm   I don't finish work till 6 but normally home for just before 6 anyway so might not be too bad depending on my last job. But being open beta I can predict chaos lol
Anno   and queues? will we still have our other toons?
Realm   Yea still got old toons till there destroyed at end off open beta .... RIP
Karalim Realm this is it, have to play this with us lot :d
Pretend You're Xyzzy
Pretend You're Xyzzy is a Cards Against Humanity clone, which is available at, where you can buy it or download and print it out yourself. It is distribute...
RealmArcheage - Hey Guys/Gals.

Dont forget to check the Events page on the top bar for Archeage Events etc more to be added soon.
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Arkroyal   Applications for recruitment are done through the enjin TGoP site Valk, it is then up to the guild leader and officers (to be promoted) to go through the submitted applications on whether they are successful.
It is part of the site you done see depending on your rank status. Best thing for you to do is to point people who are interested just to apply on the website and then Realm and whoever can approve.
Valk   I am doing that, its just easier for me to see who has looked on the AA forum and who has responded to the posts, I have still told them to come here and apply anyway
Valk   Just trying to help
RealmWooo hoo put a weeks holiday request in for the week AA is launched and got it off =D GET IN lol
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Valk   Looks like a few days sick for me maybe lol
Karalim   Just enough time for you to get max level, get bored and game hop :p
Realm   ohhh look its Mr Active WSO Kara you fully hopped yet?
UncleSeánoMy mouse is slowly breaking. Any decent replacement gaming mice come to mind? Maybe one with more than two buttons but less than one million
Mecho   yes and bigger is better in this case :)
Arkroyal   mouse pads are great and they certainly help the mouse "glide" across the surface as oppose to your computer desk while with a wood type finish you will feel a degree of resistance in comparison.
UncleSeáno   Boom! All done. I have a G700s in the post along with a G440 Pad. Thanks for the advice lads, much appreciated
Anno Falcao to united Grizz, not too shabby :)
CptRossco   soon to be a championship player :)
RealmHow awsome is this cideo building the Guild Hall House i think it is or is this the 1000 gilda mansion?

Frakko   Nice stripshow at the end, was that the audition for Magic Mike 3? sorry could not resist. Looks cool
Valk   We must have
Mecho   great vid!!!
Frakko Me and Grizz takes a selfie
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Mecho   i updated to checkout the housing, 2 empire 55s and 1 republic 55 + alts and I didn't know what to do lol :p
Grizzelder Good away point anno in the relegation battle today :p
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Valk   I do enjoy the scum playing so shit lol
Anno   lol yeah, at least we didn't concede today, and with Blind incoming and more (i hope) we wont play shit for ever
Grizzelder   check dreamteam anno. Someone is rockin this this show :p
Anno so Archeage releases September 16th people :)
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Grizzelder   lol yea its very sudden this tbh lol
Mecho   early access starts during the Tour of Britain and I am away until the 14th :( bugger!!
Anno   lol all the Fanboi's about this game within TGOP are away for the release hahahahaha i'm off from monday till the 21st ish so happy days
Karalim PAX Prime in America today, might be a few good announcements coming out of it, stay tuned!
Beauni   worst case scenario archeage gets released 13-11-14
Arkroyal   That would piss off Blizzard no end, would be funny if they did but although unlikely.
Grizzelder   That would be gaming suicide imo :)
becks   created a new thread New blueprint up/ PVP guide.. in the Everquest Landmark forum
Anno haha

Garrosh Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - World of Warcra...
Garrosh Hellscream was challenged by Durotan, son of Garad t...
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Arkroyal Now this looks interesting and would love to try it with some of TGoP.
Multiplayer to be a Component of DA:I
Bioware has revealed good news for fans of both their epic single player game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and of cooperative multiplayer work similar to that found in Mass Effect 3. ...
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CptRossco   i would be interested in that I think
Anno   Cant wait for this game :)
Grizzelder Get in mk dons hahahahahaha
waterdust   Well, there is always that other manchester team to support i guess :p
Arkroyal   So it was not David Moyes fault after all.
Grizzelder   So true arky. And the funny part is LVG said live on sky last night. rebuilding a team dosent take a month, mayby not even a year......So why did moyes get all that stick in under 6 months.
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