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The Guardians of Peace  -  We are an EU based multi gaming community. Currently playing WoW, Archeage and m...
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waterdust Some Hearthstone numbers
Frakko Some titanfall action
Uploaded by Frakko_Plays on 2014-10-30.
Becks   Biggest let down this year...was way to overhyped for what it was.
Frakko Any Xbone user here, add Frakkstar to ur friendslist
Grizzelder If you download the curse voice client (2k games and curse CLAIM (there words not mine) You will get guaranteed evolve beta access this weekend.
Frakko   the concept is really cool since its 4v1, and still role based (support etc) problem I have, time :sick:
Arkroyal   Friend at Gearbox is looking for Xboxone players, he is trying to sort out some PC/PS4 codes as well. If I have any more news I let you know. this would be a fun game for the community.
Karalim   "I love to hop, look at this new game!" - grizz 2014
Karalim Official SWTOR Announcement: The Guild House has an "Officers" Room and it now has Shrubbery's!!
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Mecho   Shrubs look badass!! :sick:
waterdust Carbine is inviting people to their studios in Anaheim, during Blizzcon in Anaheim. On the day of blizzcon. I guess they didn't get the memo from Blizzard. :sick:
WildStar Round Table RSVP - General Discussion
WildStar Round Table RSVP - posted in General Discussion: Will you be in the Anaheim area next Thursday 11/6? Carbine Studios welcomes you inside for a look behind the scenes of Wi...
Frakko   LuLz, dunno what they want to achieve. but ofc they have some fans that are loyal
Grizzelder   created a new thread Greater rifts Explained in the Diablo 3 forum
Becks 2015 going to a be a big year for games and films :sick:
Star Wars: Battlefront Launching Holiday 2015 - IGN
The Force will be with one year. Star Wars: Battlefront is coming Holiday 2015, Electronic Arts has announced. EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed the news during an investor r...
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Frakko   Damn this will be fun :sick:
Frakko   battlefield Hardline in march 2015, then Battlefront during holiday and BF5 in 2016
Frakko Peeps, as a PvPer, should I focus on rakghoul event or maybe just do it once (the quest chains) and then thats it? #LackingTime
Mecho   never got into that event not even the first time around so dont know anything about it lol
Karalim   depends what you want from it, as its only two weeks some people who really liike the legacy weapons and rewards ie me and anno will bash it out on every toon known to mankind. If you just want some fun and a laugh then once especially the hidden daily to explode and infect people around you :sick:
Arkroyal Had the pleasure of playing this on my PC back in the 90's.
X-Wing, Tie Fighter Are FINALLY Getting Digital Re-Releases
Jeez, it only took decades, but two of the finest space combat games - not to mention best Star Wars games - of all time are about to get a re-release. Special digital versions of ...
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Mecho   class! but it reminds me of Jump to Light Speed for SWG...
Calibian   ahhh..i remember spending countless hours piloting my Tie Fighter restoring peace and order in the name of the emporer :sick:
Frakko The Halloween items will hit the cartel shop today
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Anno   Rakghoul outbreak everywhere!!!
Karalim   *sigh* time to farm rep on 6 toons again
Grizzelder   created a new thread Class builds in the Diablo 3 forum
Frakko   created a new thread SWTOR - PvP - Merc Arena action in the PVP forum
ValkraI need to know who is still playing AA. I am cancelling my sub so need to know who to pass my farms over to. 1 x Large and 1 Small, next to Realms house etc in Two Crowns
Becks   Let small farm go a worthless but the large if no one wants it pass it on to me and I'll find a good home for it someone who will use . I couldn't keep it to long as can't afford taxes on it anyway.
Valkra   U can have it cba with all the rig moral. Get the paper work and I will sign it over
Becks   Sent it to you.
Anno has the voice chat window been changed? cant see who/if anyone is on mumble from the website now!
Arkroyal   Its an issue which Enjin who are looking into it. All Enjin sites are having the same problems. Whether this is related or not they have also mentioned they are moving mumble to a new host soon. I have no time frame when this will be fixed.
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