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Grizzelder [link]

Lineage etrnal arky. yup its by ncsoft sadly but this one is getting a global release. Probs a wallet burner p2w for becks also :sick:. Seems the Diablo style mmo's are popping up here there and everywhere
Lineage Eternal G-Star 2014 Extended English Info
Lineage Eternal System & Global Release Info below. http://s...
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Arkroyal   Does look nice, the animation looks fluid. does make D3 look quite dated now. Look forward to trying it this and Lost Ark.
Becks   looks good :sick: lets hope no p2w crap :sick: am worried though this may be the new thing and western Devs follow it as a good way to make a ton of cash fast before people realise wow this game sucks...
Valkra50% off D3 for Black Friday on 360 happy days!
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Calibian   added 30 Ultimate days to The Guardians of Peace
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Arkroyal   Very gracious of you Calibian, thank you. :sick:
Grizzelder   Thank you :sick:
Arkroyal Pen-blwydd hapus Arawn. Hope you have a great birthday. S!
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Grizzelder   Happy birthday
Karalim   Happy Bday grumpy welsh sheep!
Kei'ran   Happy birthday!
Karalim Hello Alien: Resurrection, is this your long lost plot sister?
Jurassic World Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Chris Pratt, Jak...
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Becks   Please don't suck....please don't meant to be a sort of reboot for the series will lead on to two more.
So maybe Jurassic world crossed with plant of the apes :sick:
HopeUnit   Maybe that was a bad idea! Hybrid, really! Cross Dino genes really!
Becks   The first film was really about genetics/DNA and all that kind of stuff especially the books, so to me it fits that at some point they would try to make their own kind of dinasour.. If you also read into it the park has been open for ten years now and they need a new attraction to wow the crowds just like how real life theme parks build new rides every few years.
Arkroyal Guardians of Peace don't like Sony and planning more attacks and threats to release secret data. Luckily this GoP is not involved. So Becks whats going on with Sony and Playstation and what are they hiding?
Sony Pictures computer system hacked
Sony Pictures Entertainment has been targeted by computer hackers in an attack which reports say forced it shut down its systems on Monday. A skull appeared on computer screens alo...
Becks   Live was attacked as well in August by the same muppets think it was the same day or a couple of days after. Miracle Sony not gone bankrupt only company making money is the gaming side..
Rumours that Spider-Man movie rights are going to be sold to marvel/disney..
Maybe hiding how screwed they are money wise?
The Guardians of Peace has reached a new hit record of 6430 unique hits today!
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Becks   I thought kara had recruited every last player still playing that single player game..thinks it's called Star Wars something??
Karalim   Your welcome!! *goes and recruits the rest of Wildstars remaining population*
Becks   They all left to play wow
SWTOR Shadow of Revan "The Battle Against Revan" Trailer
Check out exciting new gameplay features coming in the new s...
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Arkroyal   10 dragons? Damn I need to get my skates on.
Frakko   when is the early access btw?
Karalim   early access is, as it says at the end of the video, 2nd of Dec :sick:
Anno Watched Fury today another awesome film
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Becks .Get ready fellow Star Wars nerds trailer should be appearing by end of weekend...also full trailer of the below the original music..
Jurassic World - Trailer Teaser (Universal Pictures) HD
Official Trailer Teaser for Jurassic World. In Cinemas June ...
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Frakko Did a Moltencore raid yesterday, 40man mayhem :sick:
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Frakko   I have no clue how we managed back in the days to organize these raids, yesterday was just chaos but then again, PUGs
CptRossco   but we did it! and got a monster molten hound mount!!! which is awesome
Arkroyal So the Ring of Royal Grandeur dropped for Karalim, Anno and myself all within 5 bounties of each other. Act 1 Torment 2. Either we were very lucky, or we found the sweet spot for it to drop. Thanks guys.
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Karalim   Should have heard arky when it dropped for me first and then anno, he was not a happy man :sick:
Arkroyal   I know, I thought who are these ToR refugees coming in stealing my loot! :sick:
Grizzelder   About time you lot bloody got it :sick:
Grizzelder Sadly the dragon age multiplayer has taken a very low turn. For real cash you can buy Chests that contain gems,items weapons armour etc.
Won't affect most of you though as your there for the single player story. But this a multiplayer game (the type I like) is off the radar :( [link]
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Arkroyal   You have your skyhold yet Mecho?
Mecho   lol no, am lvl10 and spent the lst 2 hours trying to kill Frostbite but failed miserably. Am just heading back to Haven having met up with the mages......think I spent too much time doing side quests ><
Mecho   lol 1 min I think I am in Mordor and the next I think I am on the Wall in the fekin brilliant!!! Skyhold found!!! :sick:
Anno Ok watched Interstellar and what a film....... would recommend seeing this for sure
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Karalim   cant wait till wednesday now!
waterdust Honest....
WORLD OF WARCRAFT (Honest Game Trailers)
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Frakko   HAHAH awesome
Grizzelder   lol
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