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The Guardians of Peace  -  We are an EU based multi gaming community. Currently playing WoW, SW:ToR and man...
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Frakko Frakko the ranger
GW2 Ranger sPvP episode 1
Returning to the game tryin to learn the ropes...again...
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Karalim   added 30 Ultimate days to The Guardians of Peace
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Karalim   'bout time I did this
Arkroyal   Thanks Kara.
CptRossco could this be the next hipidy hop?
Skyforge - Gunner Gameplay Trailer
Skyforge | Coming Soon Rain do...
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Grizzelder   @rossco Already the fire god mate :sick:
Kei'ran   looks awesome
Mecho   that sparked my interest! started looking at it and at first I was meh looks like Wildstar but then I looked at it more and more and now I wanna play! :sick:
Becks Hype...Hype...Hype....
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt || Global hands-on event video
Get a behind-the-scenes peek at the biggest Witcher global h...
Becks   Also Monday 7pm GMT

Arkroyal Diablo 3 - 4 Man Torment 6 normal rifts full clear is being organised for this evening and through the weekend for those who are interested. Lots of Legendary drops.
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Frakko Super nice with Xbone streaming to PC, now mrs Frakko cannot occupy the TV :sick:
Xbox on Windows 10
The Xbox experience is coming to Windows 10. Together, they'...
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Arkroyal   Sorry I meant September 2016 not 2017. Valk wat you talkin bout willis? iffy 7? Windows 7 has been a very stable OS since XP unless you meant Vista? Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users are entitled to the upgrade. Unless you mean pirated copies? I guess they are out of luck.
CptRossco   arky i think he meant an illegal copy :sick: rather than it not working.
bg.valk   It works a dream my 'friend' said, my 'friend' said he has never had an issue with it
MuekGuess it just became easier for people to return to it you already bought it
Elder Scrolls Online to nuke subs ahead of June 9th console ...
ZeniMax has this morning formally announced what the internet has been suspecting for months: The Elder Scrolls is going buy-to-play and dropping its required monthly subscription ...
Grizzelder   I may check this out when I finally tire of D3 seeing as I already bought it
Arkroyal   Big shame.
Anno   its the same F2P/Sub model as SWTOR
Frakko It is possible to buy your way into Hereos of the storm now. founders pack.
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Becks   I added a few of you on Battlenet just incase you wonder you the hell is fredstar#2759 :sick:
Frakko   add Frakkster#2545
waterdust   Hahaha, I'm going to make you rage sooooo bad :sick:
CptRossco has anyone played Warframe? its a co-op pve third person shooter its free to play on steam and looks quite fun, so I have downloaded it last night if anyone fancies having a bash on it tonight?
noplacetorun   It gets very repetitive real quick so if you're not into endless grinding you might find this game pretty boring. I can join you if you want, though I don't think it would be much fun having me around since I'm pretty well geared at this point and that would negate any possible challenge. /id/SilverTea
CptRossco   cool I will add you and If I get stuck anywhere or need to get some advice on what I should be doing I will let you know, don't mind the grind so much as its like destiny and even though you grind its still fairly fun as you are still in a fps game :sick:
Arkroyal   created a new thread Gear check in the Diablo 3 forum
Karalim Finally got access to Heroes of the Storm...lets see what all this hype is about then :sick:
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Tydfil   it any good? i have access but never played it
Tydfil   that being said ive had access since alpha ^^
Karalim   Yeah its good fun mate, really easy to get into and some great characters!
Becks With all the hate SOE got over the P2W drama which was over blown to me,which they nerfed and may even end up removing it.... they are also fixing the hell out of the game in the three days it has launched...compared to any other EA launch... Is the game worth a buy? i would say yes as the BR is so fun and the main game has a lot of potential but map needs to be a lot bigger and more variety on loot. But if you hate PVP games with KOS as i tend to kill anyone that has no mic you will not like it :sick:
CptRossco   guys not gays!!!
CptRossco   oh no it said guys lol it was a smudge on my screen grrr doh
Becks   lol :sick:
Petry   joined The Guardians of Peace
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Karalim   Welcome :sick:
martipanule   joined The Guardians of Peace
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Mecho   Welcome! :sick:
Mecho   created a new thread Tank needs HMs and OPs in the General Star Wars Chat forum
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