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Anno lol server downtime at 5am to kick the AFKers, i like it but they need to do it about 5pm too
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SeareenaI have the log in fail thing.... is there some trick to fix this?
VampElli   the servers are down again, sweety. Maint to kick afk-ers, lol
VampElli   and maint over, you can log in now
Becks Right now there is about 20 plots going to go poof on saturday between 07:30-08:00 all owned by the same person. Halycyona also some that go down around 2am same day by a different player.
Anno   i am going to be ready with a farmhouse and 2 large farms for when this happens, i will also be online from about 0530 ready to go :)
Firefoxx   Crap won't be able to get online until the afternoon will just have to see if I get lucky
Becks   A few in hellswamp as well but joe around 2pm 27th
Anno so glad the Queue music isn't the crappy in-game lift music :)
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Arkroyal   I started queueing thinking i would be back online by the time I got back (drove to north oxfordshire) from my niece birthday this was at 3.30pm, im back at 20.30 and 417 in the queue from 3200, quite shocking i need to sit down!
Anno anyone watching Intruders? what the hell is it about??
Frakko   Tried.. but dunno. One show that I like is the strain. some episodes are just to awesome
Karalim Oh wow will you look at that Man U lost ANOTHER match :p and it started off so well
Anno   cock
UncleSeánoRecommendations on Gaming Headsets/Headphone? Not wanting to spend too much cash on a load of pointless arse, just ya know, sound in ears and voice out of the other endie sorta things. Also, what do you use for mumble? Do you have all sound coming out of speakers or headphones or wha?
Karalim   I dont come across clear at all, my voice irl is much much deeper :( microphone makes me sound about 10 years younger!!
UncleSeáno   Ok guys thanks, I'll grab a Creative Fatal1ty cause its cheap. THEN WE'LL TALK AND YOULL WISH I NEVER DID
UncleSeáno   And purchased...
UncleSeánoNew EU servers inc Tuesday. I have to put on my thinking cap
Anno   yes Becks but unless you are online 100% of the time that land will be taken by land sellers or others like Realm/Boos who have a house+ large farm + 3 small farms etc so there is no 100% you will get a house when this happens, and a lot of people will need to leave to alleviate the Queues and land imo
Arkroyal   Grizz if you log on 8am your time in spain you will definately get in without queuing. I am off until the 1st Oct so will definately be around. Have you got an farm space yet?
Grizzelder   no mate, but I need to queue to get on the busy servers to delete a toon to allow me to roll on the quiet ones lmao.
ValkraHow is the queue this morning
UncleSeáno   Just logged in, yesterday I skipped the Queue twice so now I;m being punished. 2000 at present. Guess I won't doing our trade run
Beauni   2770 in que ,so not even gonna bother. i have to get out again in 2 hours won't even get in before that
I'm gonna give this game till my patron runs out, if this is not fixed by then i wil quit it for good , i did really look forward to play this game but it has been one big disappointment since pre-launch while beta looked so promissing
Becks   It is really good when you do get it :D but i an't see me playing for months and months. I just leave mine on character select all the time now. Till they fix that which may knock the queues down a lot.
RealmArcheage - Thanks guys for a nice successful first Official guild trade run at such short notice 10-13 people helping should hopefully get around 60 gildas for that run maybe bit less cause off the % drop xD
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Arkroyal   Yes it was fun.
Not sure i will be on later as going to niece birthday party.

Thanks for help guys on getting large farm quest completed.
Grizzelder Feel sorry for those dream teamers with Liverpool defenders and goaly :P
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HarjkunServes up Early, Online Now
ValkraI have noticed one improvement. When you get dc'd from game you don't have to queue to get back in
Arkroyal   The grace period has been increased to 10 mins.
ValkraRealm. Is there a chance this trade run tomorrow can be after 4. I am desperate to come but it's a bad time mid afternoon x
Realm   there will be a morning run and a late evening run
Realm   you know this is for the guild gilda so you might only get 1 gilda from it?
Valkra   Not bothered about that. I want it for the fun
Anno   thats a very rare sight
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