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Frakko Did a Moltencore raid yesterday, 40man mayhem :sick:
Frakko   I have no clue how we managed back in the days to organize these raids, yesterday was just chaos but then again, PUGs
CptRossco   but we did it! and got a monster molten hound mount!!! which is awesome
Arkroyal So the Ring of Royal Grandeur dropped for Karalim, Anno and myself all within 5 bounties of each other. Act 1 Torment 2. Either we were very lucky, or we found the sweet spot for it to drop. Thanks guys.
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Karalim   Should have heard arky when it dropped for me first and then anno, he was not a happy man :sick:
Arkroyal   I know, I thought who are these ToR refugees coming in stealing my loot! :sick:
Grizzelder Sadly the dragon age multiplayer has taken a very low turn. For real cash you can buy Chests that contain gems,items weapons armour etc.
Won't affect most of you though as your there for the single player story. But this a multiplayer game (the type I like) is off the radar :( [link]
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Arkroyal   You have your skyhold yet Mecho?
Mecho   lol no, am lvl10 and spent the lst 2 hours trying to kill Frostbite but failed miserably. Am just heading back to Haven having met up with the mages......think I spent too much time doing side quests ><
Mecho   lol 1 min I think I am in Mordor and the next I think I am on the Wall in the fekin brilliant!!! Skyhold found!!! :sick:
Anno Ok watched Interstellar and what a film....... would recommend seeing this for sure
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Karalim   cant wait till wednesday now!
waterdust Honest....
WORLD OF WARCRAFT (Honest Game Trailers)
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Frakko   HAHAH awesome
Grizzelder   lol
ValkraNow do I want DAI or D3 hmmm
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Arkroyal   I would have to say Both (PC Versions)
Valkra   D3 first on 360 its cheaper option b4 xmas. PC gaming is done for me nice to play on big screen
Arkroyal   I think the D3 UI on the consoles look awful, check some videos for an opinion.
christiandl   joined The Guardians of Peace
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Arkroyal   Welcome.
Grizzelder   Welcome
MechoIt's been years since I played any single player game especially an RPG (if you don't include SWToR) but I have to say the Dragon Age: Inquisition is one hell of a game!
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Firefoxx   Got it this morning but don't get home until 2230 tonight :sick:
Arkroyal   It is a beautiful game, the sights, sounds, music. It is really nice.
Mecho   fast becoming the best non mmo i think i have played in years, can't put it down lol :sick:
Grizzelder   created a new thread 15 must have D3 items in the Diablo 3 forum
Anno With 338k dps and 7 million defense on my Witch Doctor i am easily surviving Torment 2 however it does take a little time to kill stuff......... i'm working my way through the Greater Rifts up to Rank 5 atm but i get to 95% done by about 7 - 10 mins depending on the map so have to wait a few so i only go up by 1 at a time (more legendary drops) than if i jumped to Rank 10 :sick:
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Karalim   Your welcome :sick:
Grizzelder   For farming gear you want to be clearing normal rifts/bounties as fast as possible to maximise legendary drop rates. Try jumping in a 4 player game on tier 2 and it will also be very fast, Everyone loves a tanky doctor with his pets :sick:
Grizzelder   Can also go for the hellfire amulet on a high torment later as I got plenty of machines for the uber bosses. A 4 player tgop run would be awesome but you may struggle to get arky warky off DAI :sick:
Mechofor those old folk like me without a console :sick:
Dragon Age Inquisition : Port Report [Spoiler-free]
A detailed look at the PC version of Dragon Age Inquisition ...
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Arkroyal Quite chuffed to see the ISS passing overhead this morning as I left the house at 6.30am, I knew what I saw was something like a satelite but wasn't sure if ti was the ISS as it appeared brighter.
NASA - Spot The Station
Spot The Station will give you a list of upcoming space station sighting opportunities for your location. Several times a week, Mission Control at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Ho...
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Grizzelder If you need a tank, you really can’t do better than the nigh invincible Legionnaire. For team support, Keepers are invaluable, to the point of potentially being overpowered. (Taken from the hits and misses of DAI on mmorpg)

Seems like you will be coming out of retirement for DAI multiplayer valkra. :sick:
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Valkra   Getting Xbox version mate after xmas
Arkroyal   Woot 24 hours to go to play it on the PC!
Grizzelder   Picked it up of MMOGA for 30 quid (pc ofc) , No way I,m paying origin 60 the robbin gits.
Anno not to shabby

WoW Now Has Over 10 Million Subscribers
WORLD OF WARCRAFT SURPASSES 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS AS WARLORDS OF DRAENOR™ LAUNCH BEGINS IRVINE, Calif.-November 19, 2014-On November 13, millions of Azeroth's champions enlisted f...
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Arkroyal   I hardly think Wow was/is dead with 6-7 millions subs before WoD is released. I am sure it is an amazing experience and WoD has injected new life into the game for another however long the new expansion will come out in 12/18 months time. For me its time to look forward DA:I, Witcher 3, Elite and of course SC and EQN. I loved my time in WoW and have many fond memories of the game, but for me its like trying to play EQ again, i love the game but I just cant do it.
waterdust   With most game breaking bugs solved. I do think this is one of the best expansion to this moment. Still need to wait what the future brings though. Best leveling experience in wow with all cinematics per zone. And garrisons are such a time sink.
Frakko   I talked shit about wow in the past but this expansion brought in the fun that I had in vanilla and tbc, best expansion with the cinematics and there is alot to do in the expansion, I tried the new 100v100 which was fkin awesome. Will be fun to follow how it progresses but so far I am having a blast.
Kei'ranJust got a 7-day free time in Wildstar, anybody else received email from Carbine?
Arkroyal   DRAGON what AGE, is DRAGON AGE this, DRAGON AGE game, DRAGON called AGE, DRAGON AGE, DRAGON AGE, wildstar?
Frakko   Also got the 7day, will not even install it on my computer. waste of resources at this point
CptRossco   until he gets an arrow to the knee!
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