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Frakko GF to Frakko, dont forget to turn back the clock. One more hour to sleep love...
Frakko responds, 1more hr to sleep? no no you got it wrong, its 1more hour to play :sick:
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Becks   created a new thread Star Citizen’s FPS Module Info... in the Star Citizen forum
NaagriimSo, where are all ppl in ArcheAge?!
Arkroyal   Most of them have gone to Clann An Fael
Becks I have a two month sub code for wow... Anyone who wants it? Post below and I'll send it on. This means some one who will play it :sick:
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Valkra   I will becks if its still going
Becks   sure ill send it to you
Valkra   Scholor and a Gent mate
Frakko Constantine is out - anyone seen?
Arkroyal   Those who follow comics this is based on the Hellblazer comic series and not the Constantine movie.
waterdust   I really like the flash series. Personally think keanu reeves was a lot better as constantine then the guy in the series. But only watched pilot though, may get better.
Becks   I always hoped they would have made a sequel to that film. gutted they never did, as thought it was pretty good.
Valkra7 days free WoW ladies and gentlemen!
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Grizzelder   Tailored exactly to your hopping needs valk lol
Becks Not long now :sick:
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Anno   cant wait for this
Arkroyal   Yeah I wish DragonAge and Witcher 3 could swap places. Really really really want this.
Arkroyal   Witcher 3 is going to be 20% bigger open world compare to Skyrim.
Frakko I need a drink!!
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UncleSeáno   Two Bottles of Erdinger and sexy bottle of Writers Tears, bloody good whiskey that...
Frakko   I went to a brazilian place (local pub - need to represent. where is Muek when you need his "Portuguese skills" Batida with Picanha went down real fast :sick:
Frakko NCSOFT restructure - many devs to go..
It's a sad day for Carbine & WildStar
As many of you have heard by now, today NCSoft took to restructuring their Western studios and Carbine got hit in a big way. It's rumoured that the number let go is in excess of 60...
Kei'ran   Well there are always staff cuts once a game is released.
Arkroyal   You didn't have to delete your comment Becks. :sick:
Becks   Also the media love to make it out to be a big thing, when it's not at happens to every game studio a few months after they launch a game, well mostly MMOs.
Karalim Reddington why are you attacking the Avengers?
Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - Teaser Trailer (OFFICIA...
Get your first look at Ultron trying to tear apart Captain A...
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CptRossco   he has got an epic evil voice tbf!!
Frakko New Items peeps, wohoo time to swipe that creditcard :sick:
SWTOR Oct 22 Collections Update-New Halloween Items - Dulfy
SWTOR 2.10.2 patch today updated the collections with a bunch of new items we can expect in the Cartel Market fairly soon. Ghostly Magus Armor Set Czerka CZX-4 Blaster Czerka CZX-4...
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Mecho   Krayt Dragon mask is win!! and those sabres looks is meh :sick:
Frakko   I will buy some packs and sell em wohooo
Karalim   I LOVE the sabres, thank god I didnt spend that 800k I saved up :sick:
Frakko Hearthstone to be released on phone plattforms, this is cool stuff :
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ValkraArcheage players. My Patron status has run out. Does that mean I will lose my farms?? or can I continue to pay tax
Calibian   that was an error from trion, the same happend to me. when i logged on yesterday the patron status was removed but today i got it back too.
Becks   two weeks after your sub ends
UncleSeáno   As Cali says there is a bug from Trion were a few accounts ended early, it'll kick back in soon enough
Frakko   created a new thread My aim for SWTOR in the General Star Wars Chat forum
Grizzelder Anno get your boots out of your army locker. LVG will give you a game next sunday in defence :sick:
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Anno   lol yeah i already got the call.... cant be any worse than Phill 'the gurner' Jones
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