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ValkraArcheage players. My Patron status has run out. Does that mean I will lose my farms?? or can I continue to pay tax
Valkra   FAQ says its gnna go. Oh well sorry to all using it
Arkroyal   Patron is like your subscription based level, but I thought everyone was a patron until at least into November. But yes if you are no longer a sub your house and farms will begin the count down of being destoryed. I believe there is a lue time I cant remember for sure someone who is still playing will know better.
Regarding the land, would it be more beneficial than just letting it decay to log in and give it to someone else from TGoP if you have hopped to WoW, they can buy the deed transfer for 300 credits.
Valkra   I thought was november but I had an email this morning saying it had expired. But whenever I log in it says 17.11.14. Maybe an error by Trion.
Frakko   created a new thread My aim for SWTOR in the General Star Wars Chat forum
Grizzelder Anno get your boots out of your army locker. LVG will give you a game next sunday in defence :sick:
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Anno   lol yeah i already got the call.... cant be any worse than Phill 'the gurner' Jones
WhiskeyDP   created a new thread Is it possible to add/link proper swtor server with ... in the General Star Wars Chat forum
Frakko What happened to the swtor section?
Frakko   Keep it simple tho, not needed to have many subcat
Arkroyal   Rgr will sort it out when i'm home tonight.
Arkroyal   Ok Done.
FissiJust want to make sure for people who arnt aware, ("I'm looking at you cass") that some of the GoP members bumped over to clan an fael but will still be active across these forums. We've already told them that GoP is taking over.
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ValkraSo who is up for some WoW today!!
Arkroyal   You can try raiding with Wrekh and crew but need to be Horde. [link]
UncleSeánoSo on a serious note isn't Adaro off hiking with his wife in Nepal? Does anyone have a way to get in touch?
Arkroyal   We did mention this on mumble earlier so I do hope he is safe. no contact details as far as I know. Stay safe Adaro.
Adaro   Hey Sean. We are safe. Many thnaks for thinking of us. We arrive home tomorrow evening. We were in the storm but our trek was on a circuit next to the Annapurna circuit so we avoided the avalanch.
Arkroyal   Good to hear you are ok.
RealmGuys and Gals,

Sorry i havn't been active latly at all. The hours at work have been insane and just tired all the time. Then on friday morning my internet went down >.< and is still down now i just made my phone a hot spot and tried tethering my internet to it but it wont stay connected for some reason i am going to look into it. Got on AA for a couple mins before but then got booted. I know alots been going on while i been afk and i should have been there in the chaos to help get it sorted =(

I will try and get back active asap.
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Seareena   Sure have missed you
UncleSeáno   The wolves are tearing us apart, help aaaahh...Realm aaarraghhhghg *schooomg munch munch om om' NOOOooooo...... FOMP (that was one was a body hitting the floor)
ValkraJust an update for AA guys. I have set my Farms to Guild use. If u want to contribute tax woould be nice of you.
Becks   Thanks Valkra if the guild does reform I'll sort somthing out with help towards taxes.
Seareena   i sent you taxes..they should be in your mail box
Seareena   hope my stuff is still there
Gimbalock   joined The Guardians of Peace
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Grizzelder   Welcome
UncleSeáno   Welcome you sexy Dane you
Gimbalock   Thanks
Frakko Drunk
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Frakko   Lifie is good
UncleSeáno   Gimmie two hours then I'll be joining the train
Grizzelder   You might pvp better frakk :sick:
Arkroyal   created a new thread The Guild Charter in the Guild Rules and Guidelines forum
The Conquest of Auroria Begins this November
Two thousand years ago, the citizens of Auroria fled their homeland after a catastrophic war. Now you stand poised to lead their glorious return. The Conquest of Auroria opens a ma...
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Anno   i can understand getting a large amount of land to share with other guildies that are unable to get there as soon as it opens,
Becks   i like to get 16x16 jet so i can grow the archeum trees then make the weapons for guildes. but think more chance me playing wow than getting a plot ;P
waterdust   Soooooo.... 100% chance then :sick:
UncleSeánoAgrosin wants back in, he says he sorry
Becks   I would say yes as even though he said a couple of dumb ass things he is a very trust worthy guy and helpful as done a few fishing runs with him.hard to find players like that..just needs to learn not to say dumb stuff in chat :sick: or else go join the retard crew :sick:
So gets my vote.. But up to the powers above..
Arkroyal   If an in-game officer can give him a warning then I am fine with that.
UncleSeáno   Alright I'll fire it over to the saucy young pup so
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