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The Guardians of Peace  -  We are an EU based multi gaming community. Currently playing WoW, SW:ToR and man...
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Frakko COngratz Ross
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Muek   Happy Birthday Ross
Arawn   Happy Birthday Ross!
Grizzelder   Happy Birthday mate
Mechosome more info! :sick:
Rerolled - Crowfall Interview - Gordon Walton & J Todd Colem...'s Draegan interviews Artcraft leaders Gordon Wa...
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Becks   Kingdoms are unique -- you can build structures here, just like Campaign Worlds.

They are persistent -- meaning they never go away.

They are big – much more expansive than a housing instance, with monsters to conquer and lands to explore: mountains, caverns, rivers, valleys… you name it! These are fully featured Worlds (they just don’t produce materials!)

They are multiplayer – if you want them to be. You get to decide how much you want to allow other player(s) to access to your Kingdom.
Grizzelder   So I can live a care bear life then :sick:
Frakko   think we need to find a big guild for this game, eternal kingdoms will require alot of mats.
Anno think i'll watch Bladerunner tonight :sick:
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Karalim   Ive seen things you people wouldn't believe, Anno letting me die on every boss in a raid. Heals miss off the shore of Denova. I watched lightening glitter off the shawl of Revan. All those moments...will be lost in[link] on the internet....
Anno   like tears in the rain......

get it right
waterdust RIP Mr Spock :(
Arkroyal   Blue Skies Leonard, RIP. [link]
Mecho   very sad :(
Arkroyal *Faints*.......Hope Vangelis does the music again.
Harrison Ford Confirmed for 'Blade Runner' Sequel
More than three decades after the original, Harrison Ford will star in a sequel to the dystopian, sci-fi masterpiece Blade Runner.
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Frakko Skyforge
First Closed Beta Event Announced, Founder's Packs Revealed, the Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment have announced that the first Skyforge closed beta event will kick off on March 11th. The event will last for a week with access ...
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Becks   Not feeling the hype for this one yet.
Arkroyal   No hype train here, choo choo!
Grizzelder   It is lobby based (like d3) only peeps on your maps are in your party/guild etc from what I have heard. Won't change things for me and got the lowest of the low pack to check it out in 2 weeks
Becks Pretty cool short film, by sound of it may get removed soon as the creator of power rangers is not happy about it..
Adi Shankar Presents a Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Bootleg...
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Kei'ran   awesome!!!
Mecho   that's where Kara Thrace went!
Arkroyal   And down it goes!
Frakko UK mates, save up and buy this :sick:
Dying Light Gets a £250,000 Collector's Edition - IGN
Dying Light / Get your very only zombie-proof house. Techland has revealed a £250,000 collector's edition for the yet-to-be released retail version of Dying Light. The My Apocalyps...
Arkroyal   I saw this yesterday and thought Becks will probably buy it and sell it for a profit! :sick:
Becks   I'm waiting for a discount then will :sick:
Arkroyal Oh hum!
GTA 5 delayed again on PC
Grand Theft Auto 5's release date has been rejigged from March 24 to April 14 according to a new update on Rockstar's Newswire. That's the second delay in six weeks.
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Crowfall - Gameplay Footage and Developer Preview Impression...
TheHiveLeader had a visit with ArtCraft Entertainment about ...
Becks   I saw a few more people put down 10k was that you Grizz? :sick:
Arkroyal   Still on the fence and will wait a while, the force is still strong in this one.
Grizzelder   Lol Becks. had a very good win on the old betting but not in that bracket lol
CalibianKickstarter starting today. What you guys think? Worth giving them money at that point?
Massively Multiplayer Online - Throne War Simulator: Allies. Enemies. Alliances. Empires. Betrayal. Conquest. A new and different take on the MMO genre.
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Frakko   I will have too eat my words, this looks awesome, will back.
Becks   One day Grizz you will stop the hop as get to old for it and need to settle down haha
Calibian   I pleged 30$ since i would buy the game anyway. I hope King Becks will grant me land and a title in his personal kingdom. :sick:
CptRossco New skyforge live stream vid :sick: looking good
Skyforge Livestream #1: Sweeping the Power Facility with the...
Join the Skyforge Team as they group up, and take you on a t...
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Frakko   Looks cool, good that they have multiple stuff to do that doesnt take long to complete etc.
Frakko   looked at some pvp vids, not to my liking since alot of the stuff is just plain AOE but early stuff and still need to try it out myself before I choose. will wait until open beta comes or so.
Grizzelder [link]
Noticed someone going on about this on twitter.
Just putting it out there for those who may not have seen it, Stick it in your list of ones to watch :sick:
Revival // Developed by IllFonic
An epic dark-fantasy adventure has begun. Join us as we reinvent online roleplaying!
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Anno   i like the sound of this :sick:, will be keeping my beady eye on it
Arkroyal New things coming to Diablo 3 V2.2.0
Patch v2.2.0 Shows Off New Sets, Legendaries and More
The next Diablo 3 patch will be featuring a host of improvements that are sure to bring a smile to players' faces. Among others, new armor sets will be introduced along with update...
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Grizzelder   Something to make you chuckle arky. A very funny dig at D3 dev's and play it your way Thursday [link]
Arkroyal   chuckle indeed. :sick:
Becks wonder how many will be playing this one :sick:
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Frakko   Nahh Grizz, we know how u think.. you look Endgame straight in the Eye an awkward silcence appears, who shall break word first? Grizz is sweating and bursts out, F U Endgame, I played beta - enough.
Grizzelder   lmao frakko.
Grizzelder   Do you want a skyforge key rossco? Or like comment above your not bothered and I can give to someone else to burn out before release :sick:
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