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CptRossco where is everyone tonight
Mecho   ED'ing :sick:
Arkroyal   Watching Tv, ED`ing tomorrow.
Anno The Repopulation is now on steam :sick:
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Karalim   annndd still not worth playing :sick:
Mecho   had it for a while but only logged in today since the update and the EU server...I rather like needs work but as it has a lot of the features from SWG I do find myself enjoying it :sick:
Anno [link]

TGOP gets mentioned/outed by Dr Evil
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Arkroyal   North Korea internet has a total blackout today, revenge?
Arkroyal   . [link]
Karalim Skyrim Legendary Edition (contains all the DLC) is only £6.79, so incredibly tempted, thoughts?
Mecho   worth every penny at that price :sick:
Arkroyal   I never played any of the DLC but I loved the original and played it to death before ToR was released. Worth getting and beautiful to look at on a decent PC.
Becks   got some really good mods for it, worth checking them out if you pick it up as really adds to the game.
MechoIf the game is as good as the commercials!!!!!! Dang-it there goes another 'investment' into my hangar!!! :sick:
Star Citizen: Consolidated Outlands Mustang Commercial
The Consolidated Outlands Mustang lineup is here! Fly yours ...
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Arkroyal   The Hornet is a nice choice. Should be able to try it in Arena Commander which just release a new patch.
Becks   I got the hornet from the very start is a nice ship. But We will need to find another for exploring, trading ect but nothing I like the look of right now.
Mecho   that voice over is really it someone famous, like an A list actor?
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Karalim   Welcome :sick:
nechtmarrie and Aneax joined The Guardians of Peace
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Arkroyal   Welcome to the community.
Karalim   Welcome!
Frakko Arena time - sorry for the background noise
Uploaded by Frakko_Plays on 2014-12-20.
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MuekThis game can't come soon enough !!!!
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Anno   looks awesome, i hope the space combat isn't too complicated, struggling with ED, setting it all up and remebering where everything is as there are alot of commands. voice comms to land on stations would be good, well voice comms for a lot more would be good
Frakko   Ye agree, hope they make it "stupid-easy" and a nice GUI so its easy to learn.
Arkroyal   You can always use programs like Voice attack to make life easier. [link] [link]
MechoSo it's just a point and shoot flight sim?? Think again! Check this video out for a great bit of PvP Elite style. SO much more to flying than just point and shoot. This guy owns flying with assist off! Brilliant! :sick:
'Elite: Dangerous' v1.01 - Hunted (Flight Assist Off)
Flying around with a 'Wanted' status is a sure fire way to a...
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Frakko   daaaamn
Anno Yay replacement Naga has arrived
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Frakko   I got my naga epic the other day, loving it
Frakko Wohooo 24 days off work :sick:
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Arkroyal   lucky bastage!
Kei'ran   im waiting for my time off aswell... 5 more days and 3 weeks free finally
Mechovery useful tool. This game has a massive learning curve the flying bit is easy, knowing where to fly to is another matter lol!! :sick:
Thrudds Elite:Dangerous Tools - Thrudd's Elite:Dangerous Too...
Community maintained searchable trading database, route planning and assorted tools for the space game Elite:Dangerous
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Calibian   Nice. Thanks Mecho :sick:
UncleSeáno   Jaysus I'm still in lonely, whats Dangerous like? Flavour of the month or something longer?
Mecho   to be honest I think ED is just something I love because of my insane relationship with it 30 years ago :sick: It isn't an MMO and it has a very limited social interface so it feels mostly solo although you do bump into other players often..especially when in a docking queue at a station... It's a great space flight sim sandbox, it looks and sounds fantastic. I don't see me investing a lot of time into it but that said I do really enjoy's different I guess :sick:
Grizzelder Its here! The steam holiday sale :sick: Time to stock up on cheap games that never ever see the light of day :sick:
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Becks   Waiting for Alien: Isolation to get a big drop then will grab that..
Grizzelder   Save your money on Dark souls 2 mate. It';s getting a release in april 2015. New version won't be compatible with new version for multiplayer etc. Old one not being patched and stuff. Quite a few reports on it slamming the makers.
Grizzelder   wont be compatible with old version even I mean
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