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The Guardians of Peace  -  We are an EU based multi gaming community. Currently playing TOR, WoW & FFXIV
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Kei'ranAnybody has a wildstar guest pass maybe? want to get my sister to start playing WSO :)
Karalim   [link]
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ValkraAny update on Archage guys that are playing
Valkra   GW2 was free to play but you still needed to purchase game
UncleSeáno   Beta Keys are popping up all over the place so stay tuned on the reddit page if lads n lassies wanna nab some, it's defo worth a wee looksie. And big props to Realm for sorting out the AA face of the guild
Arkroyal   I believe there is a sub model so that those who want houses and plots.
CptRossco I just wanted to say congrats to the guys that got silver medal in veteran KV and Stormtalon last night! well done hopefully we will see a lot more folks picking up the silvers also!
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Karalim   hey its not my nation :p I feel happy to frak i up lol
Arkroyal   It is already frakked up when Labour was in power so you cant do any worse. You be a great ambassador for spreading the word on MMO's, ditch maths and start playing LoL with the kids.
Karalim   LoL teaches important skills don't ya know, like calling someone a noob, feeding like crazy, bad teamwork...ahh good fun
Annoanyone seen Grizz lately?
Anno   yeah thought he was back at the weekend but not seen him
CptRossco   yes I got the weekends mixed up, he is back this friday
Arkroyal   Yep he replied saying he will be back this Friday.
KaralimSo new Hearthstone Expac (Naxxramas) and the Wildstar Dev Speak, awesome day for gaming!
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CptRossco awesome new lol vid
Link Description
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Kei'ran   6 min awesome. Zyra kat ahri so much love for me :-D
becks Hope we get to see Vader and maybe they will tie up the Ahsoka story line. Vader and ahsoka duel please....
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Muek   Looks really good. Now to rewatch Clone Wars .......
Arkroyal   I like the graphic style of Rebels over Clones, just couldn't get into it to angular for my taste.
WrekhI wish that Circuit Board Crafting was still in game. It sounded so cool! #WildStar
WildStar Items: Circuit Board Crafting Guide
WildStar has what looks to be a pretty cool item system; it allows a deep level of customization and control over ones stats. I've been analyzing what bits and pieces I've been abl...
Packmate   But... they are... at least weaponsmith, armorsmith, outfitter and tailor are circuit board based crafting....
Wrekh   It's not the same mate :) With that old system you were able to take stats out of the gear and slot it somewhere else. Customization was just freaking awesome.
Packmate   Oh i see... sounds much better than actual, in fact theres quite room for improvement and maybe find locked slots tinkering around that would be fun :p
CptRossco thanks to everyone that turned up last night for the dungeon night, had two groups rollin through the dungeons and one group getting people the silver medlas in the adventures for their attunement! good job all. ps how did the dungeon groups go?
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Karalim   I was gonna say wrekh...jumping the gun a bit :p
Packmate   So there was no silver?
CptRossco   ahhh wrekh you got my hopes up :(
becks Looks so good :)
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Karalim   I can't wait, its so easy to cock it up but I have faith after the past few marvel movies have been soooooo good
Arkroyal   Looks freaking awesome!
Matrixan   ooooo, looking forward to seeing this one in the theater <3
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Packmate   Welcome :d
MuekMy very first garrison.
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Muek   Yeah should have explained better im in WOD beta and one of the first things you get its your garrison, thats just the first tier with no buildings once i get some buildings ill put some more screenshots
CptRossco   come back becks we are getting bronze in dungeons and people are improving every time :) u know you want to lol
becks   To busy playing club penguin sorry.... Then got my hop list till the end of the year :p
good going getting bronzes :)
RealmGuild is now setup in archeage guys so whisper me or something in game - Azrealm .... yes i put the a and e wrong way round as rushing yesterday good job only beta lol
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Tydfil   this archage thing , any good? worth buying?
Arkroyal   it is a little similar firefox
Valkra   Bard all over it for me
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Cragen   Welcome!
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