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About Us

The Guardians of Peace is a community of mature, friendly gamers that are involved mainly in Wildstar Online and The Elder Scrolls Online as well as several other games and we are always looking for fresh recruits! We are mainly based in the EU time zone and organise events around this fact. We understand that real life comes first (as it should) and don't expect gamers to compromise their life for the sake of the guild. We all play games to have fun and TGOP is here to serve, whether its a group mate, a raiding team or just a nice bunch of people to talk to you can find them all here!


Star Wars: The Old Republic - The Red Eclipse - Empire
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor 
Elite Dangerous - Coming Soon
Star Citizen - Coming Soon

Age: Mature (21+)

Primary language: English
Active play times: EU Timezone
Play style: Social/Raiding Guild, mix of both PvE and PvP
Voice comms: Yes! Come join us on Mumble!

Interested in joining us?

Please read the Guild Charter carefully and then hit up the Recruitment button and submit a new application specifying whether you are joining either game or none. See you soon!
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